Keynote speech by Wim Mijs, CEO of the European Banking Federation, at the AGM of the Association of Cyprus Banks

The chief executive officer of the European Banking Federation (EBF), Wim Mijs, addressed the Annual General Meeting of the Association of the Cyprus Banks, with a keynote speech that covered the most important topics for the banking sector in Europe. The event took place on September 8 and the speakers addressed it online, due to the circumstances of the pandemic.

According to Mr. Mijs the forthcoming challenges due to the pandemic crisis, new regulatory standards, but most importantly the new trends arising from the Green-Digital Agenda are the key elements of the European banking landscape for the near future.

Wim Mijs also underlined the need for European coordination in the context of the introduction of the digital euro. Concluding his speech Wim Mijs highlighted that as the technology provides new tools, the customer expectations will change and the banks need to reinvent themselves and their products, to stay competitive and profitable in this brave new world.

The full keynote speech by the CEO of the European Banking Federation: